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The Adventures of Radisson, Volume 1

By Peter McCambridge

On 07, Mar 2014 | In | By Peter McCambridge

The Adventures of Radisson, Volume 1

The Adventures of Radisson

historical young adult fiction
by Martin Fournier
Baraka Books, Montréal, 2012

“A fantastic read about the unknown ‘New World’ that will captivate readers from start to finish.” –

“The action here comes fast and hard.” – Foreword Reviews

* The original French version of the novel won the Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature


Spring 1651: a young man from Paris lands in Trois-Rivières on the St. Lawrence River. Within weeks, the course of his life changes drastically when Iroquois braves capture him. Pierre-Esprit Radisson, then 15 years old, begins a new life. In this historical thriller, readers voyage into the heart of a continent and a heroic era with North America’s most famous explorer, fur trader and coureur des bois.


On a radiant day in February, Garagonké returned happy as could be from the Dutch with a couple of tomahawks, a beautiful musket, and abundant ball and powder. Radisson took advantage of his good humour to put his plan into action.

“Father, you know I am an Iroquois. You know that I love my father, my mother, and all my family. So please let me go and avenge the people of my nation. Please let me go to war with Ganaha! I want to risk my life by his side out of love for the people who have adopted me. I will fight the nations of the south with Ganaha. The enemies I kill will make my father proud. The prisoners I bring back will make my mother happy. I will prove to you that I am the equal of the son Orinha that you lost. I will be as courageous, as brave, as valiant as he. You will see I am worthy of the name you have given me. I am ready to die for my family and my nation! I beg you, Father, let me go to war with Ganaha!”

Upon hearing these words, Garagonké jumped to his feet and cried out with joy.

“Orinha, you have returned, my son! Take courage, for the man you are replacing in my heart died in battle and not at home like a woman. Orinha was brave and daring. He died in combat outnumbered ten to one. So, yes, since that is what you desire, you too may go off to war. Go with Ganaha! You will avenge my two sons who fell in combat, and make me happy! Rejoice, my son, because the time has come for you to prove what you are made of.”

Baraka Books

You can read more about the book and purchase it from the publisher here.